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12 month of the year


The Sportappartements Gaiswinkler are open throughout the whole year.

Surrounded by forest, meadows, nature and the magically glooming Grimming mountain, you make your day according to your wishes. Relax in the apartment, in the sauna, hiking, mountain biking, walking on the trail or around the Salza let reservoir, in one of the 5 nearby swimming lakes or simply read a book and relax. In the winter at the Tauplitz ski, start with cross-country skis right at the front door or happily trudging in the snow and the first traces left.


Be active or just breathe. You have all possibilities. Everything you have dreamed as a child.

12 months full of features and options.

Each season has its colors and moods. Each season has its very special charm.


The special nature of the Ausseerland provides a charming nature backdrop. 


Again and again there are new things and adventures to discover. Each season of the year the Sportappartements Gaiswinkler invite you for a short stay or a long holiday.


spring  blooming

summer  happiness

autumn  colorful

winter  wonderland

Spring - natural awakening


The Ausseerland has shaken off his winter clothes within a few days and it all starts to bloom and to flourish.

First little snowdrops, then crocuses and then the magnificent Aussee daffodils cover the meadows with spring colours.

The birds sing their cheerful songs and the butterflies flutter merry first rounds. The fresh grass tickles the soles of your feet and everything is full of anticipation.


The spring invites you to join the awakening of nature, to listen to the songs of the birds, to look over the blooming meadows and to feel the first inkling of summer sun wrapped in a blanket in the garden. Up in the mountains, the glacier glittering snow remains. But very soon it melts and the endless green meadows are awakening. Spring is the best season to experience the annual awakening of nature and the famous Aussee daffodils.  Everything grows and thrives, outside in the sun.

 Summer - joyfulness

Summer, sun, sunshine. Forest, meadows, mountains, lakes. Everything is at the peak of nature. Butterflies, birds, deers, roebucks, chamois bucks in the forest, the people on the surrounding lake.

The range of colors and the range of possibilities is almost endless. Every day -if you want so - is full of a variety of options. A hike in the morning, then a plunge into one of the nearby lakes and the sunset facing the Grimming mountain with the warm sun underneath your still warm skin.


Only at the top, on the wide glacial fields of the nearby Dachstein glacier, up there the sparkle of snow reminds you to experience as much summer as possible. To absorb summer days. To warm up your soul. 


young-Mädchen-Tragen-Sandalen, -Summer-Gänseblümchen
IMG_5977 Kopie
P1040077 Kopie

Autumn - colorful


Colorful warmth. The autumn presents itself still in full green glory and colorful leaves. All shades of red and yellow are visible. The warm glowing light of this enchanting time of the year comes with the fall. Everything is bathed in warm sunlight. The fog-free, clear autumn air invites you to welcome the warm sun rays in your face and soak up the sun for the soon to come winter months. 

A golden light surrounds the nearby mountain peaks. They seem to be closer than ever. Nature has become quiet and again left to themselves.

Autumn is also a muse time. Hiking, a round of rowing on the lake, mountain biking, music, literature, and endless walks. While the first leaves rustle under your feet you smell wonderful forest and nature. And dears can be heart in the forest searching loved ones.

Winter - wonderland

As soon as winter is here the first thick soft snowflakes fall and cover the nature with a beautiful blanket of snow. It looks like mountains and valleys would wear her best white dress. An incomparable silence lies over the lake and the surrounding area. 

A fairytale like winter dream.


Atmospheric billions of snow crystals glint in the Ausseer sun. The mountains, the trees, the meadows are covered by a thick layer of snow. The nearby lakes are often covered by a thick layer of ice and invites to take turns ice-skating. Or you put on warm winter boots and leave your footprints in the snow. First tracks in the snow.

Numerous winter sports facilities invite you to jump out of bed. There is much to experience in this winter wonderland.


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